About Us

Radiology Imaging Consultants, S.C. (“RIC”) is a traditional physician owned practice. We practice as an integrated group of locally rooted, hospital based radiology practices throughout Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana & Georgia.

RIC is based on the highest level of customer service, physician to physician direct interaction, quality of care, and seeks to exceed the expectations of every medical staff and community where we have a partnership.

  • Our existing client hospitals range in size from 25 beds to 675 beds
  • RIC currently services eighteen (18) hospitals
  • All RIC radiologists are board certified

At the core of RIC’s commitment to service and quality is the belief that every patient and referring physician deserves real time, final interpretations at the time of delivery of service.

  • RIC was the first hospital group in Illinois to deliver 24 hr per day final interpretations in 1990
  • RIC was the first hospital group in Kentucky to deliver 24 hr per day final interpretations in 2006
  • Emergency and STAT patients have final interpretations within 30 minutes on average, allowing triage decisions to include a radiologists report on every patient

RIC is not a tele-radiology services provider or a management company. In our 40 years of practice, RIC has never outsourced tele-radiology services. We incorporate remote interpretations as a support tool to leverage our subspecialist. This allows us to practice in sync with our group culture providing final reports 24 hours/day; 7 days/week; 365 days/year, focused around customer care and the highest quality service model.