"I have had the pleasure of working with RIC radiology for almost a year now. This is the best and most dependable group I have ever been associated with. The service is excellent, prompt, and dependable. I can count on accurate readings and great, enjoyable direct consultation.

I could not ask for better- I thank you."
Mohan Rao, MD

"For the past year, I have been pleased and pleasantly surprised with the quality of radiology interpretations and the promptness of the reports since RIC has assumed the radiology services at our hospital.   The reports are appropriate, to the point, and accurately reflect the interpretation of the image.  The radiologists communicate with the referring physician.  Likewise, they are eager to personally review films with referring doctors.  As a busy physician that utilizes lots of radiology services, I am very pleased with the promptness of the reports.  Reports are available within 1 hour after exams are completed."
Mike Fisher, MD

“Since beginning our contract with RIC in May of 2010, we have enhanced our customer service above our expectations.   Readings from ED exams are within thirty minutes, (many times in as short of time as literally minutes).   The Medical Staff are all well pleased the timeliness of the reports. The Medical Staff Physicians are able to treat their customers in a much more timely manner than with our previous radiology group. The ability to have a phone conversation with the Radiologist concerning an exam is of great value to our small rural community hospital.   Monroe County Medical Centers   Radiology Services Dept. has improved our protocols and reduced the radiation doses to our customers by having RIC as consultants not only as reading radiologist but also by the responsibility they have taken to assure our
customers that they will receive the best Radiology Services available in our area at the lowest possible radiation doses”.    
Ronnie L. Davis, R. T. (R)(CT)
Director of Radiology Services
Monroe County Medical Center
Tompkinsville, KY

"I could say a lot of positives about the service RIC provides, but I believe this one statement covers it all:  RIC is the best radiologist service we have had in my 25 years as director of this department!"
Kathi Yeiser
Director of Radiology
Ohio County Hospital
Hartford, KY

“Since RIC began providing radiology services at OMHS we have seen an increase in our radiology coverage and a significant decrease in turn-around times as well as improvement in patient satisfaction.”
Donna Ross
Director of Radiology
Owensboro Medical Health System
Owensboro, KY  

"From the first time I met Jay (Dr. Bronner) he had my attention.  He stated right out of the gate RIC's commitment to Quality and Customer Service!  And RIC's actions have supported that statement day in and day out.  We (Trover Health System) had many conversations with many vendors until RIC knocked on my door.  Partnering with RIC has been one of the very best Patient Care and Financial decisions of my career!"
Timothy R. Dukes, MBA
Vice President Operations
Trover Health System

"I know we do not tell you guys enough, how much we appreciate you.  I wanted to pass along a comment one of our board members left with me yesterday.  A community member’s only son had a renal radiology exam yesterday in the morning.  He had a nephrology appointment in Nashville at 1:00  in the afternoon.  She called me yesterday and said the report had already reached the physician by 10:30 that morning prior to her appointment.  She just called to tell me how glad she was that the Hospital made the decision to work with RIC.  I just wanted to pass that along and to tell you that we appreciate you. We are very glad you are our partner."

Alisa Coleman
Trigg County Hospital