Quality Service

Relationship Management. RIC recognizes and appreciates the value of developing and maintain relationships with all of our customer groups.  Our customer categories include:

  • Corporate – These customers represent our client hospitals. From the time that we identify (or are identified) a potential partnership, RIC strives for a unique relationship guided by the personality of the organization.

    At RIC, we select our corporate partners based on their vision and alignment with our mission and core values to provide patient focused diagnostic radiology services.  This selection criterion enhances the longevity of a healthy corporate relationship.
  • Clinical – This group combines both referring physicians and patients. Our number one rule within RIC is that we will not waiver on the quality and timeliness of our diagnostic services.  We provide 365/24/7 real time, final interpretations so that a patient at 2pm receives the same level of service as a patient at 2am. Final imaging results are available at the critical time that decisions are being made for treatment or triage.  This way our referring physicians receive the highest clinical quality around the clock.
  • Our subspecialists establish working relationships with the specialists in each medical community to ensure that we are meeting current and addressing future needs.
    Internal – Our radiologists.  RIC places tremendous effort towards hiring and maintaining quality radiologists.  In order to be an outwardly focused practice, we create a work environment that fulfills the intellectual, professional and lifestyle needs of our partners RIC  has developed an innovative method of assuring physician satisfaction as reflected by the extraordinary low turnover rate we experience.  

Communication is a driver of healthcare decision making and costs.  Clear, concise, timely and accurate communication creates value. The practice of diagnostic radiology relies heavily on communication between technical, clinical and administrative staff.  

The backbone of RICs practice model is accurate and timely results reporting.  We thrive and create clinical value through our physician to physician interactions.   

Patients and clinical staff directly benefit from our focus on communication. Our hospital clients indirectly benefit from our outwardly focused practice culture.  

Clinical Quality. Every employed associate and RIC partner radiologist is board certified in diagnostic radiology.  

RIC works closely with our hospital clients and respective medical staff to maximize opportunities to enhance our service delivery through quality assurance. 

Through our bench strength of subspecialists RIC is able to provide more clinically significant interpretations to ordering physicians.  This precision creates enhanced clinical quality and decreases the need for unnecessary additional tests to be ordered.

RIC has always been dedicated to the delivery of quality radiology services, it has now expanded its mission to provide quality training to young radiologists through Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine/Franciscan St. James Health. 

Timely Service. RIC was the 1st in Illinois to implement 24 hour a day in-house coverage with attending radiologists in 1990 before PACS because we felt that it was important for patient care to be provided in real time.

We recognize the value added when an ordering physician has relevant diagnostic information available in a timely manner in order to make continuum of care decisions.
Today RIC provides that same level of service at every facility where we provide professional services.  

Medical Leadership. RIC recognizes the critical role  which medical leadership plays in the successful delivery of our mission. Most importantly RIC believes that leadership needs to be local at the site of the delivery of care. For this reason all facilities have a Medical Director responsible for the local quality of care and service. The Medical Director is supported by his leadership peers at other facilities and by the physician Board of Directors within RIC. Local leadership---national support.  Interestingly the single most important attribute that has driven RIC’s growth is its widespread network of medical leadership. RIC fosters a professional culture that encourages the development of new leaders.