Results Focused

Effective patient care requires efficient imaging interpretation and report generation. Radiology Imaging Consultants' aggressive staffing model and around the clock coverage lead to unsurpassed report turn around time. All reports are final interpretations utilizing all available comparison information from the patient's imaging history. No preliminary readings are ever generated. Patient treatment can continue without concern for altered interpretations the next day. Radiology Imaging Consultants universally utilizes voice dictation systems. Reports are available within minutes of reading on the facilities information systems. In many cases, reports are automatically faxed to the ordering physician's office. Partnership with Radiology Imaging Consultants means faster, more informed patient care.

In today’s complex medical coverage plans means patients typically bounce between facilities for imaging exams. Besides unfamiliarity with the interpreting radiologists, the referring physician rarely gets a reading incorporating all the patients imaging history. This results in an incomplete picture of the disease process and places the primary physician in a precarious position. The primary physician is forced to extrapolate the patient’s diagnosis or progress from different sources possibly with conflicting opinions. As your imaging partner, Radiology Imaging Consultants will over-read outside exams and compare them with any existing imaging at our facilities. Radiology Imaging Consultants will provide consultation or even a second report if requested on any outside examination to aid in the treatment of your patient. Partner with Radiology Imaging Consultants and experience the effectiveness a full service radiology group can add to your practice.