Radiology Imaging Consultants is your local radiology group. You know our radiologists.  We pride ourselves on providing  the smallest community hospitals with the same level of quality radiology services which are delivered in major metropolitan areas with up to 800 bed medical centers.  Top quality patient care is the most important and primary focus of the physicians and administrative staff at RIC. This is demonstrated by our Radiologists accessibility to your physician, our referring physicians, and our desire to assist them with ordering the most appropriate examination for your condition.  Our radiologists are just a phone call away for your ER doctor, your family doctor, or your child’s pediatrician to talk with when needed.  

RIC Radiologists are highly trained and experienced specialists to provide high quality interpretations.  Additionally, the rapid report turn around time ensures the information your doctor needs to provide the best care to you, is supplied in a timely manner.  Our highly efficient team of administrative and technical personnel ensures this process operates smoothly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.