Referring Physician

  • Physician Availability Around The Clock

      Today more than ever, delivering medical care is a twenty four hour a day job and necessity.  Clinician's require uninterrupted access to ancillary services for successful patient management, especially with today's complex disease processes. Radiology Imaging Consultants realized the referring physician's need for continuous imaging interpretation over 10 years ago. Unlike other groups who contract off hour services to secondary radiologists, Radiology Imaging Consultants has chosen a different route with a higher level of commitment. To meet our client's needs, Radiology Imaging Consultants provides 24 hour internal service. Many facilities enjoy 24 hour in house coverage while the remainder utilize either system specific or our proprietorially owned PACS integrated work-lists. Radiology Imaging Consultants seeks to deliver service at an unprecedented level. An experienced and familiar imaging partner is only a short walk or phone call away at all our facilities.

  • Prompt Service/Report Availability

      Effective patient care requires efficient imaging interpretation and report generation. Radiology Imaging Consultants' aggressive staffing model and around the clock coverage lead to unsurpassed report turn around time. All reports are final interpretations utilizing all available comparison information from the patient's imaging history. No preliminary readings are ever generated. Patient treatment can continue without concern for altered interpretations the next day. Radiology Imaging Consultants universally utilizes voice dictation systems. Reports are available within minutes of reading on the facilities information systems. In many cases, reports are automatically faxed to the ordering physician's office. Partnership with Radiology Imaging Consultants means faster, more informed patient care.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach 

      Effective diagnosis and treatment frequently requires information from multiple imaging sources both noninvasive and invasive. Multi-modality imaging plans are commonly prescribed to piece the patient disease puzzle together. At Radiology Imaging Consultants we believe this starts with a solid core of general radiologists under an umbrella of sub specialists. Radiology Imaging Consultants can provide anything from routine plain radiography to the highest level MRI interpretation as well as up to date interventional procedures. No matter the complexity or rarity of the problem you seek to solve, Radiology Imaging Consultants is up to the task and gladly awaits the challenge. Give us the opportunity to partner with you and see the Radiology Imaging Consultants difference. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Subspecialty Access

      In today’s day in age, clinicians are faced with increasingly more complex disease processes compounded by patients becoming more demanding. To succeed in this setting, an imaging partner must have a strong core of general radiologists complemented by a full array of subspecialty trained resources. Radiology Imaging Consultants prides itself on being able to provide comprehensive interpretations in just this fashion. As a function of our size, Radiology Imaging Consultants excels with respect to subspecialty availability. No matter the modality, Radiology Imaging Consultants has expert members within the field. In fact, many members have actively participated in the development of numerous modalities since their infancy shaping many of the current imaging protocols. Irrespective of the exam or clinical question, Radiology Imaging Consultants can provide expert consultation and problem solving solutions.

  • Innovative Imaging 

      To be a comprehensive diagnostician requires innovation. Radiology Imaging Consultants success emanates from incorporating cutting edge techniques into our practice. Participation in the development of the radiology community is also paramount. Active involvement and leadership is the cornerstone of our community values. Radiology Imaging Consultants interventional radiology team stays abreast of the newest techniques and offers a wide array of available procedures. This is particularly evident with respect to our many oncologic treatment options and women’s health issues. Our body imagers utilize the latest methods to diagnose cancer with PET imaging, vascular disorders with CTA and MRA, cardiac disease with both CT and MRI.  Our neuroradiologists and pediatric radiologists service some of the largest patient groups in their areas. Many members are active in the professional training of residents and sit on the American Board of Radiology's testing committee. Partnering with Radiology Imaging Consultants assures the referring physician and their patients the most up to date and complete diagnostic capabilities possible.

  • Second Read

      Today’s complex medical coverage plans means patients typically bounce between facilities for imaging exams. Besides unfamiliarity with the interpreting radiologists, the referring physician rarely gets a reading incorporating all the patients imaging history. This results in an incomplete picture of the disease process and places the primary physician in a precarious position. The primary physician is forced to extrapolate the patient’s diagnosis or progress from different sources possibly with conflicting opinions. As your imaging partner, Radiology Imaging Consultants will over-read outside exams and compare them with any existing imaging at our facilities. Radiology Imaging Consultants will provide consultation or even a second report if requested on any outside examination to aid in the treatment of your patient. Partner with Radiology Imaging Consultants and experience the effectiveness a full service radiology group can add to your practice.

  • Research

      Medical advancements depend on innovative thinking and the willingness to explore new technology. Participating in projects with our research partners broadens our knowledge base and enables critical evaluation of imaging principles and implementation. Radiology Imaging Consultants has many prior and current research protocols with which we are involved including organ transplantation, pediatrics and cardiac imaging. Our members have published a number of case studies and stay active in the many professional society functions in each geographic practice location. Radiology Imaging Consultants is always eager to assist in clinical research programs. Contact any members for assistance with imaging management associated with academic endeavors.