RIC’s imaging system fully integrates with any hospital’s information system and provides seamless distribution of cases to on site and remote credentialed radiologists across our practice. Our technology is a means to the following benefits:

Access to Subspecialists – Access to MSK, Neuroradiology, Body, Pediatric, Breast and Abdominal fellowship trained subspecialists. Access to this expertise is a benefit to local radiologists who may rely on colleagues for needed consults and precise interpretations with enhanced patient care outcomes.
Resource Allocation – The system allows for the reallocation of resources towards maintaining exceptional turn-around times (TAT). Resources can be allocated as necessary to address peak volumes.
Efficiency - Due to the system’s ability to function over the internet in a distributive environment, the speed of image access is enhanced.
Stability – There is no limitation or strain on the system related to volume of readers at any given time.